Welcome Lydia

Please join us in welcoming Lydia, our new Health Management Nurse, initially working with patients of Dr. Easterbrook. Learn more about Lydia.

Yes, we are still seeing patients

Our Doctors are still seeing patients using video conferencing, or via telephone. And we aren’t as busy as normal, so if you need to speak with your Doctor, chances are you can, quite quickly.

If a physical examination is required, we will first do a videoconferencing or telephone visit and then figure out next steps to get you seen.

NOTE: for the safety of other patients, our staff and doctors, patients seen in-person will be asked to wear a mask.

Coronavirus update  (updated July 30)

This is certainly an emotional time, and while you may be young and healthy and without symptoms, physical distancing (2 m or 6 ft) is about protecting your loved ones, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems

We can’t stress enough—please be patient and think of others. We wear masks to protect others (and ourselves from others, to some extent). 

If you do have symptoms (cough, fever, or new shortness of breath), these could be symptoms of COVID-19, seasonal influenza or a cold. Either way, the safest approach is to isolate yourself for 14 days (the contagious period for someone with COVID-19). Please use the Province of BC’s online Screening Tool to get guidance, or call/email us and your doctor will speak with you and provide recommendations. 

Online booking

If you would like to book online, please visit our online booking page.

Virtual visits

If you have a virtual visit, please visit our virtual visits page.

Dr. Harrison

Please note that Dr. Harrison has moved out into a solo practice—as of early April. Please visit his new website: www.drdavidharrison.ca.

Doctors accepting patients

Unfortunately, at this time, none of our doctors are taking new patients.