Saanich Medical Centre has closed

After more than 40 years, Saanich Medical Centre has closed.

Patients of Dr. Abhari, Dr. Asplin, Dr. Easterbrook and Dr. Reidy can reach us at Three Cedars MD (www.threecedars.ca), located at 2425 Bevan Avenue in Sidney, BC. Phone numbers remain the same (Main number is 250-475-2251; the direct number for Dr. Reidy is 250-652-9121).

Patients of Dr. Lamb can reach him at Saanich Peninsula Clinic (www.saanpenclinic.com). Saanich Peninsula Clinic is located in the old Saanich Medical Centre space at 301-3491 Saanich Road.

Patients of Dr. Shoichet, who has now retired, were either taken on by Dr. Easterbrook or Dr. Abhari, or unfortunately, no-longer have a Family Physician. Review the options if you no-longer have a Family Physician.