Our team

Please join us in welcoming Lydia Hayes, RN to our team. Initially, she is working with Dr. Easterbrook’s patients as a Health Manager. What’s a Health Manager—in this role Lydia is working to ensure

  • patients with chronic diseases have clear plans for managing their conditions—and you know the plan!
  • everyone’s immunizations are up to date
  • call you with your lab results—no news isn’t good news or bad news, it’s no news, let’s ensure you get the news.

Lydia Hayes

Lydia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Vancouver Island University and has been working as a Registered nurse for over 11 years. She has worked in the hospital setting in the areas of cardiology, gastroenterology, medicine, surgery, palliative care and community access.

As a nurse Lydia’s goal is to support patients in their health and wellness. She is passionate about informed decision making and strives to make people feel supported and knowledgeable about their health and wellness choices.

When Lydia is not working she is usually running after her two kids or baking.

Lydia is excited to join the Saanich Medical Center team and is looking forward to getting to know everyone.