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Requesting your records

If you are a patient of Dr. Shoichet and were not able to be taken on by Dr. Easterbrook or Dr. Abhari, you can request a copy of your medical record from MedRecords. Please wait until the end of February to do so as they will not receive your records until then.

NOTE: Dr. Asplin and Dr. Reidy are not able to take on additional patients. Please do not call their offices.

Welcome Jennifer

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer, our new Health Management Nurse. As part of a provincial effort to improve the care you receive in community, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other allied health providers are being added to Family Physicians’ offices across BC. 

These individuals are employed by Island Health, however, they are working as part of our team (either in our office, or out of central locations in various community neighbourhoods). With their addition to our team, we look forward to opportunities to enhance the care you receive. 

COVID-19 vaccine update

The first supply of a COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in BC.

Please note that the COVID-19 vaccine is not available for everyone at this time.  Vaccines will be distributed in phases over the coming months. You can find more information about the vaccine on our COVID-19 FAQ.

Exciting changes coming to Saanich Medical

You’ve heard the expression “New Year, new you?” It seems it also applies to your Family Doctor’s office. We’d like to let you know about some important changes taking place at Saanich Medical Centre in the new year.

We’re moving

NOTE: Dr. Lamb’s office is not moving. It will remain at 3491 Saanich Road. The direct phone/fax will remain the same at 778-404-1425.

It’s been 57 years that Saanich Medical Centre has been in its current location. Our current lease expires January 31 and we’ve decided to get a fresh start in a new location. 

On February 1, 2021 our other physicians (Dr. Abhari, Dr. Asplin, Dr Easterbrook and Dr. Reidy) will open at our new location in Sidney, at 2425 Bevan AvenueOur main phone number will remain the same: 250-475-2251. Direct phone/fax numbers indicated below will continue to work.

This was not an easy decision, but with all the uncertainty created by COVID-19, this new location gives us significant security and cost certainty (and since doctors can’t change their rates, costs are the only thing we can control). 

We understand that not everyone will want to travel to Sidney—or be able to make it there easily. While we will still continue to offer virtual appointments via phone or video, some things will always need to be done in-person. If you are unable to follow us to Sidney a number of new clinics are opening closer to downtown and Royal Oak if that works better for you (see our Move to Sidney page for the list).

Dr. Shoichet is retiring

After 40 years, Dr. Shoichet is finally set to retire. His last day will be Friday, January 22. Unfortunately, what with COVID and the need for physical distancing, the epic retirement party we had planned won’t be going ahead. So, please send any retirement wishes to him at the office. 

Over the next week all patients of Dr. Shoichet will receive an email or letter (if we don’t have your email address) indicating whether we:

  1. have assigned you to Dr. Easterbrook,
  2. have assigned you to Dr. Abhari, or
  3. have not been able to find a replacement physician for you. 

If you have not received such a notification by December 20, please contact Lynnette at info@saanichmedical.com

NOTE: due to a “feature” of our mass email system, if multiple people in your family have the same email address, only one person would have been sent the email. Please email info@saanichmedical.com to confirm what is happening with each of your family members.

Welcome Lydia

Please join us in welcoming Lydia, our new Health Management Nurse, initially working with patients of Dr. Easterbrook. Learn more about Lydia.

Yes, we are still seeing patients

Our Doctors are still seeing patients using video conferencing, or via telephone. And we aren’t as busy as normal, so if you need to speak with your Doctor, chances are you can, quite quickly.

If a physical examination is required, we will first do a videoconferencing or telephone visit and then figure out next steps to get you seen.

NOTE: for the safety of other patients, our staff and doctors, patients seen in-person will be asked to wear a mask.

Coronavirus update  (updated July 30)

This is certainly an emotional time, and while you may be young and healthy and without symptoms, physical distancing (2 m or 6 ft) is about protecting your loved ones, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems

We can’t stress enough—please be patient and think of others. We wear masks to protect others (and ourselves from others, to some extent). 

If you do have symptoms (cough, fever, or new shortness of breath), these could be symptoms of COVID-19, seasonal influenza or a cold. Either way, the safest approach is to isolate yourself for 14 days (the contagious period for someone with COVID-19). Please use the Province of BC’s online Screening Tool to get guidance, or call/email us and your doctor will speak with you and provide recommendations. 

Online booking

If you would like to book online, please visit our online booking page.

Virtual visits

If you have a virtual visit, please visit our virtual visits page.

Doctors accepting patients

Unfortunately, at this time, none of our doctors are taking new patients.